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José, Tony and Carmen Molina

When St. Louis, Mo.-based Hispania Trading Corporation shipped its first vehicle to the Gayasso Funeral Home in Mexico City in 1918, it was the beginning of what would become a long-running family business. Currently, Joe, Tony and Carmen Molina operate the business started by their great-uncle.

The first professional vehicle the company shipped was a carriage mounted on a truck chassis. As word spread about this motorized vehicle José Álvarez began selling cars to businesses in Cuba and the Philippines. As sales increased, Hispania Trading Company began selling caskets and casket handles manufactured by the St. Louis Casket Co., and Molina's father joined his uncle in the business. After college, Joe and his brother and sister came on board to work with their father, and in 1984, a sister company - Royal Coachworks, Inc. - was established.

Today Royal Coachworks is a distributor in Missouri and Illinois for Superior Coach, and together with Hispania Trading, sells cars in not only the US and Mexico, but also in Africa, Spain, Holland, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, the Philippines and throughout the Caribbean.